Back in the days of medieval combat, there was a unit of the military called the Vanguard. They would be the ones leading the charge & make first contact with the enemy army during battle, which is the main inspiration for the company. Sales and marketing are what we do, but we are a people development business.

Edmonton Entry-level Opportunities

Achieve your professional goals and learn the skills you need to get ahead.

You will be empowered to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Get access to the latest sales techniques and strategies.

  • Edmonton Entry-level Work


    The vision at Vanguard is to give people the tools to become leaders in every aspect of their lives in mind, body, and spirit by becoming titans in the sales industry.

  • Edmonton Entry-level Work


    The mission is to create a space where people can step into a higher version of themselves every single day.

Our Core Values

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    Discipline is controlling your mind and body to achieve a greater purpose. This is one of our core values here at Vanguard, as our success hinges on our ability to discipline ourselves.

  • Edmonton Marketing Opportunities


    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Nothing gets done alone. We all work together to cover each other's weaknesses and boost our...strengths. Teamwork is the heartbeat of our team; without it, we wouldn't be where we are today.Read More Read Less

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    Taking on the risk, lighting the way, & being an outstanding example is what leadership is about to us. Being able to step up to the plate & make the path more accessible... for those who follow is foundational to who we are at Vanguard.Read More Read Less

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