• What is compensation like at the entry level?
  • What does a typical day look like?
  • Do I need a vehicle for the role?

We believe you should be paid based on the value you create, the hard work you put in, and how good you are at what you do. We operate on a performance-based structure, meaning you can, on average, earn between $800-$1,200 weekly with no cap. As you advance in the company, so will your opportunities for increased pay, bonuses, & profit sharing options. 

We start in the office in the afternoon to focus on sales training & personal development. Most of the day afterward is focused on making sales in the field. Finally, meet back in the office in the evening to manage your sales & touch base with you so you're improving daily. 

No, a vehicle isn’t required for the role, as we have many carpooling options available for you from other team members. However, it is up to you to find your way to and from the office.